Common Thread


The new album of intriguing, stimulating, and uplifting songs by Wayne ‘Common Thread’. These fully produced songs are all performed, arranged, recorded and produced by Wayne with guest vocals on about half of the songs. Don’t miss this wonderful collection of songs that will uplift your soul!

Songs on the ‘Common Thread’ Album:

#1 Common Thread                                                    4:51
This title song tells the story of a seamstress that weaves a beautiful garment. But it serves no purpose
unless there is someone to wear and enjoy it. That is a lot like life, and the common threads that bind us.

#2 Make the Change for Good                                     3:44
We can work to make good things happen to ourselves and others. It is a choice that we make
ourselves. Which path will we take?
#3 Passage                                                    3:28
With a compelling reggae feel, ‘Passage’ embraces the joy of life today, but expresses the need to
enter the next new adventure with confidence and wonder.

#4 Simple Treasures of Love                                             3:53
This song hints of Wayne’s influence by the Beatles. As the melody beautifully winds throughout the
song, the theme of enjoying the smallest things in life is artfully laid out.
#5 Mr. Moon                                                                           3:29
Who hasn’t look up in the sky and made a wish? This young man is asking the moon to grant his
wish of a romantic night with his lover. And Mr. Moon complies in this interesting love song.

#6 Does This Mean War?                                             
Is Wayne talking about the choice between war and peace between nations? Or is he referring to a
breakup of a couple? Could be either … and this emotional song asks the jarring question.
#7 Forever Yours                                                                                                 3:20
Gently reminiscent of a McCartney love tune, this song has beautiful harmonies and melodies. It is the
statement of unconditional and unending love.

#8 Stars and Streams                                                                                      3:01
Upbeat and with a fun Irish feel, ‘Stars and Streams’ takes us on a journey of discovery. As with nature,
some things are best not possessed.
#9 In Prayer                                                                                     3:57
We don’t have to kneel with a person to pray for them. We can pray for anyone at any time and they can
receive the results. This song has a beautiful key change with orchestration.
#10 Battle of the Sons                                                                                                 4:15
Gut-wrenching and beautiful at the same time, this song tells the story of a family broken apart by the
quarrel of two sons. The ones hurt when siblings fight are often the parents.
#11 Today and Tomorrow                                                                           3:40
Today and Tomorrow become real people in this alluring song about wasting time. As Today leaves
and Tomorrow arrives, she wishes the newcomer well, but wonders if Tomorrow can survive.
#12 Goodbye                                                                                                      3:33
This breathtaking song is a hard hitting look at the passing of a loved one. ‘Goodbye’ is so hard to say,
but all of us will someday have to say it to someone we love.  

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