Have You Heard?


The new album of country songs by Wayne. These fully produced songs are all performed, arranged, recorded and produced by Wayne with excellent guest vocals. Don’t miss this fun, interesting, hard hitting and entertaining music!

Songs on the ‘Have You Heard’ Album:

#1: Gratitude, Love and Forgiveness 3:19

An inspirational song for anyone to live by. Beautiful and haunting steel with a powerful vocal.

#2: Anything But This 3:08
There was no challenge he couldn’t handle—until one day he comes home to a note on the bed. Anything but that.

#3: That Man You Imagine 3:31
At night, he sees her staring at the moon. Is she thinking of somebody else? He wants to be that man she imagines.

#4:  Wedding Party 4:24
Fun and hilarious song about wanting to go party at the creek. That’s what they are thinking – during the wedding.

#5: Same ol’ same ol’ 3:58
Wishing for a slower pace in life. Maybe like the old days of Mayberry USA, with Andy and Aunt B.

#6: Have You Heard? 3:26
A fun song about a big party in the country. They’re swinging from the rafters, dancing and having a great time.

#7: Coming Home 4:11
A touching song about love, with a gut-wrenching twist at the end. Coming home isn’t always what you think.

#8: It’s Something More 3:34
They grew up as best friends, but now they are taking it to the next level. Now it is something much more.

#9: Close Enough 3:24
Entertaining, humorous, and energetic song about a guy that will take what she will offer. Great guitar work and upbeat.

#10: The Best Thing I Never Did 3:05
He never did a lot of things, but he never stopped loving her, and that was the best thing he never did.

#11: Let’s Play 3:03
“A pool ball cracked and a young girl smiled – right then I knew I’d be here a while”. A honky-tonk night.

#12: I Miss Touch 3:50
There are a lot of things that we can do without. But there is one thing that we miss the most … touch.

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