Videos by Wayne Gathright

An inspiring song about a childhood friendship that grew into love – forevermore
Join Wayne for a trip back in time to a simpler life in Country, USA
Last Stop for Sanity’ explores the insanity of war and those who profit from it.
The Cowboy Way is a song about the true historic code of ethics followed by many cowboys of the old west.
The new video/short film featuring ‘He Ain’t Got Diddly’ from the ‘Help Someone Else’ album
This song is a true riddle! See if you can figure it out before the answer is given at the end!
“It’s on my lips when I wake up – the last thing I say in my prayers”
The story in this video and song came from a book that my dad wrote called ‘DeWitt County Texas (The Bloody Years)’. It tells the fascinating and tragic story of the Taylor-Sutton feud, which lasted 14 years and claimed over 300 lives.
The things we take for granted … like touch … become so much more important when we don’t have them. Check out this new song during the pandemic from the Austin Songwriter’s Group 2019 ‘Songwriter of the Year’.
This compelling and creative 10-song release by Wayne Gathright, Austin Songwriter’s Group 2019 ‘Songwriter of the Year’ is co-produced by Texas Music Legends Hall of Fame inductee and critically acclaimed producer and songwriter, Stephen Doster. This crowdfunding video will introduce you to Wayne, his vision, and the wonderful music he has created.
Do you ‘really’ like jazz? Find it boring? See why jazz music can sometimes drive you crazy in this comedic and satirical ‘JAZZ’ song! This song won 1st PLACE in the JAZZ CATEGORY of the Austin Songwriting Competition, helping to earn Wayne ‘Songwriter of the Year’ for 2019.
Intriguing video from Wayne Gathright. It’s an analogy featuring kids on a schoolyard. Each kid represents a country playing a game called ‘Pass Around the Bomb’. Underneath this song is a statement on nuclear proliferation and the dangers it possesses.
‘Heartache’ has been with him so long that he finds it hard to let go. Finally, he has found true love and is ready to leave his heartache behind. This is their breakup song …
“Wash It Away’ is about the walls we built to hide our insecurities. Those are walls of pride, anger, and combativeness. Just like a sand castle is washed away by the tide, we can let our walls be washed away by finding true love.
Wayne Gathright is a songwriter and musician from Austin Texas. He writes and performs all of the music as well as created the animated video and recording. This song resulted from a class reunion that Wayne attended.
A song about the inspirations for writing a song …
Precious moments are to be savored. They will slip away like water in your hand.
Prayer can cross all boundaries – mountains, plains, or seas cannot stop prayer. This song ‘In Prayer’ by Wayne Gathright encourages all citizens of this world to pray for others, whether you know them or not. “In prayer we are the same, in prayer we have no name”.
‘Reflection’ is a song in which the mirror does all the talking. The reflection urges the onlooker to take a hard look at their wasted life, and to change it for the better. The mirror urges him to “stop looking at your reflection, and start living your dreams”
Wayne (2019 Austin Songwriter’s Group ‘Songwriter of the Year’) takes you through the evolution of a song starting from the concept, development of an idea, musical structure and recording. This is a fascinating journey for both songwriters and non-musicians alike. The song example is ‘Little Miss Logical’, first place winner in the pop category of the Austin Songwriter’s Group song competition.