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Wecome, ya’ll!

We are so glad you stopped by! We appreciate your interest in the music of Wayne Gathright! Here’s some more info about Wayne and his musical journey Wayne is a talented musician and songwriter from Austin Texas. He is the winner of the Austin Songwriter’s Competition and 2019 Songwriter of the Year. His diverse songwriting interests include rock, pop, country, ballads, folk, inspirational, humorous and political. Showing a wide variety of stylistic inspirations, 13 different songs written by Wayne have won first place in the Pop, Rock, General, Blues, Jazz, Novelty and Lyrics Categories plus numerous 2nd and 3rd places in Singer/Songwriter, Inspirational, Country, Folk, Love Songs, Rock, and Blues Categories over a 4 year period. He was also one of only two songwriters from Texas to place in the Singer/Songwriter category in the 2023 Dallas Songwriters Competition. Wayne started playing guitar with one month of guitar lessons at Lou Parsley’s Music Store in Victoria Texas. He didn’t like the lessons but self taught himself by listening to records at slow speed then transposing to the right key. A few years later, he went back to Lou Parsley as a guitar instructor and became a close friend of Lou. AlsoContinue readingWecome, ya’ll!